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by Award-Winning Author and Analytical Historian 

 Jayne D'Alessandro-Cox

has been "revised" and "republished" through 

Palmetto Publishing!  

It is available for purchase through Amazon.  


In 2017, the paperback was awarded:

1st Place Winning Biography from Pacific Book Review

 Honorable Mention from Readers' Favorite

  5-Star praise from Readers' Favorite 

Audiobook was awarded:

Bronze Medal from Readers' Favorite

5-Star praise from Readers' Favorite

 "Finalist" in Multi-Voice Actor category from Readers Favorite 

MP3 Audio Book is now available on Amazon

Introducing "Award-Winning" Voice Actor


James Brinkley, the "Voice of Thomas Jefferson", is a gifted, multi-talented actor, producer, and artist from Los Angeles, California. He is a descendant of the 12th century Berkeley family of Berkeley Castle, Gloucestershire, England, the oldest castle continuously owned and occupied by the Berkeley family. His descendant, Richard Berkeley, was one of the 38 settlers who sailed to Virginia from Bristol, England, landing on December 4, 1619, at Berkeley Hundred (Berkeley Plantation). These early settlers celebrated our country's first official "Thanksgiving"; 2 years and 17 days before the Mayflower Pilgrims celebrated their Thanksgiving at Plymouth, Massachusetts. James is a descendant, of Sir William Berkeley, twice Governor of Virginia (1641–1652 and 1660–1677).

Audio Publishers Association 

 announces Audiobook

 Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man

 as a 2017 Audie Awards® finalist!


(Contact author directly for 5-disc set audiobook. See Contact tab.)



"Excellent supplementary text for anyone interested in history and Thomas Jefferson. Well
researched with lots to interest all age groups."

                                                                                                       ~Rob Coles, 5th great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson



“Your story illustrates Jefferson’s early interactions with his family, friends, and mentors, and all are

woven together to flesh out a little-known story in history. The result is remarkable…The format of the text, using authentic Jefferson quotes along with fictional narratives in the form of a journal, made a compelling read for students, teachers and history buffs. The concept of using a journal, or Common Book, to tell the story works wonderfully…”


                                                                                                      ~Gertrude A. Ivory, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction,

                                                                                                        Charlottesville City Schools, Charlottesville, Virginia

TJ Boy to  Man NEW Front Cover USE.jpg
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