Analytical Comments Regarding Screenplay:

"All my wishes end, where I  hope my days will Monticello."  ~Thomas Jefferson~

We are pleased to extend to Thomas Jefferson Honorable Mention status. ~ The Wiki Screenplay Contest, November 2021                                                    


Thomas Jefferson, a full-length feature screenplay by Jayne D’Alessandro-Cox, is ready to be considered by prospective investors, producers, and casting agents.  It has been assessed as a medium budget (less than $10 million) production.


Logline: On his deathbed, President Thomas Jefferson reflects on his life, his journey to manhood, and his biggest regret ... his inability to end slavery.


The dialogue is well-written and works to reveal the dimensions of each character, while also moving the story along in an adequate manner.  The screenplay is easy to follow, as the story unfolds in a logical flow.  


The language of the writing is consistent with the nature of the narrative and characters presented.  The reader is invested from the beginning, in the conflict of the script, and find Jefferson, Sally Hemings, and the Hemings family endearing.


The screenplay possesses strengths in its exploration of an American icon’s biography, especially in detailing the formative president’s scholastic journey and how his educational opportunities factored into his rise through working as a lawyer and his entry into top-tier politics. The screenplay seeks an audience that possesses an interest in historical dramas, especially from a perspective derived from our culture’s sense of American nostalgia.