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Dive into the Early Life of Thomas Jefferson...
Uncover the Childhood, Influences, and Journey to Adulthood of America's Founding Father.
Book Description by the Author

Have you ever wondered, "Who really was Thomas Jefferson?" History books tell us that he was a brilliant scholar, violinist, surveyor, astronomer, lawyer, planter, bibliophile, architect, founding father, statesman, governor of Virginia, Ambassador to France, Secretary under George Washington, Vice-President under John Adams, our 3rd President, scientist, natural philosopher, family man, and sage.  Some much is known and written about Thomas Jefferson from the drafting of the Declaration of Independence until his death, but little was known about his first 31 years of life, until now.....


Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is a biographical, autobiographical, and historically accurate account of Jefferson's journey to era that was virtually "in the shadows".  You will read about his ancestry, childhood, adolescence, family, friends, boarding schools, family deaths, college years, romance, law practice, fire, earthquakes, flood, and more! It is partially written in journal form and supplemented with back-ground text to further inform the reader. It includes over 60 photos, many rare, to help enhance the reader’s imagination. Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man provides personal information about our iconic founding father that will help unlock the mystery that surrounds Virginia’s most beloved son.


As you read about Thomas Jefferson, the boy, you will realize how his early life years helped shape the personality, character, intellect, morals, and religious beliefs of Jefferson, the man. The book is filled with emotion, humor, personal reflection, and fanciful imagery, and includes many authentic quotes within the journal entries. Many say that Thomas Jefferson was complicated.  I say, "In order to understand the man, it is important to learn about the boy." Read Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man and unlock the mystery.  It is also now in audiobook.

Palmetto Publisher's Long Back Cover Copy

Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man takes readers on an enlightening voyage through the early life of one of America's most renowned founding fathers.  Set against the backdrop of colonial Virginia, this masterfully crafted biography presents a detailed account of Jefferson's upbringing--from the familial bonds at Shadwell and Tuckahoe Plantation to the intellectual rigors of boarding schools and college.

The narrative unveils a world of mentors, family, and friends who played instrumental roles in molding Jefferson's persona.  The Age of Enlightenment, with its revolutionary ideals, cast a profound influence on him.  Through meticulous research, journal entries, and photographs, D'Alessandro-Cox paints a vivid portrait of young Jefferson, highlighting the experiences that would lay the foundation for his future endeavors.

Grapple with the complexities of a man who owned slaves, yet championed the abolition of the nefarious trade.  To truly comprehend and respect Jefferson, one must traverse his journey from boyhood to manhood--a journey intricately detailed in this book.

Palmetto Publisher's Short Back Cover Copy

Journey into the hidden chapters of Thomas Jefferson's youth.  Thomas Jefferson~From Boy to Man unveils the influences and events that shaped an American icon.  From Shadwell's rustic beginnings to Monticello's grandeur, dive into the world of a revolutionary-in-the making, and witness the evolution of the mind behind the Declaration of Independence.


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