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Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man

Thomas Jefferson Book, From Boy to Man
Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man is for those eager to learn, or are curious about, the early years and life events of Thomas Jefferson. Through doctrinal background text and over 60 photos to enhance the imagination, the book traces the ancestry of the Jefferson and Randolph families, while introducing the reader to some of the most important people who influenced Thomas Jefferson’s life prior to the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.


Thomas Jefferson-From Boy to Man includes many authentic Jefferson quotes, and depicts how life growing up in colonial Virginia shaped his personality, character, intellect, morals, and religious beliefs.  By acquainting yourself with the young Jefferson, you will better understand  the brilliant student, scholar, lawyer, bibliophile, planter, architect, family man, farmer, founding father, statesman, governor, vice-president, president, scientist, and  philosopher that was… Thomas Jefferson !


Included in the book are appendices that will further enlighten and educate the reader.


"Excellent supplementary text for anyone interested in history and Thomas Jefferson.       Well researched with lots to interest all age groups."   


~Rob Coles, 5th great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson




The Author's latest publication:  
Jesus for Children ~ A Trilogy of Short Stories
includes the following 3 beloved stories  
1.  A Miracle in Bethlehem
At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, who on that moonlit night, delighted in the precious animals that visited him as he lay in the manger. Tina, a very unpopular hyena, experiences the true meaning of Christmas when she comes face-to-face with the newborn. You will enjoy this sweet story, in verse, as the animals witness a tender touch and a heart's transformation under the glowing star of Bethlehem.

"Jayne is a very creative person and a mom extraordinaire.  The beauty of her soul comes through in this wonderfully original story."

~ Antonio M. Perez, Chairman and CEO Eastman Kodak Company

2.  A Passover Blessing    


The 12-year old Jesus, separated from his family, walks through Jerusalem on Market Day. He comes across little Ruth begging at the temple entrance, and gives her money for food.  Jesus continues on to the temple where he captivates the high priests about the "power of prayer". Ruth wanders in to listen to the young Jesus and receives a very special blessing! Written in charming verse with a teachable moment for young children.


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jayne Cox's book, A Passover Blessing.  Her easy and gentle style bring along readers young and old alike...and each to a better place."

                                ~ Pete Hartwig, Lead Pastor of City Church, Charlottesville, Virginia

3.  Happy Birthday Precious Lamb


As Jesus' birthday approaches, his mother is anticipating his visit and labors over what special gift she should give her beloved son. Mary thinks of the most perfect gift and lovingly prepares it for him. It is a memoir of his birth, a gift she knows he will surely cherish. This magnificent journal documents the circumstances leading up to and surrounding the birth of the Redeemer, Christ, in stunning detail.



“Every once in a while, I read a book that takes me beyond the works I am reading.  This book is one of those stories, and is beautifully written by a mother who appreciates a mother’s perspective about one of the most blessed events in all of history.”

~ Pastor Jeff Villio, First Christian Church, Charlottesville, Virginia

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